Case File: Use of POCUS for assessment of dyspnea in the Emergency Department

by Jennifer Meloche, MD

A 65 year-old man presented to the Emergency Department at Kingston General Hospital with progressive shortness of breath, fatigue, dull chest discomfort that worsened with deep breathing and exertion. The patient was referred to cardiology for congestive heart failure and ordered troponin, chest x-ray (CXR), and electrocardiogram (ECG).

Case File: Shocking out with severe hypoxia

by Barry Chan, MD

Clinical Vignette: 36 year old presented in acute respiratory distress, hypotension (BP 70/40 with HR 120), and severe hypoxia (SpO2 80s with partial rebreather). Thoracic auscultation was normal though the heart sounds were masked by her breath sounds. The jugular venous pulse (JVP) was grossly distended with no leg edema.