Dissemination of a Pediatric Musculoskeletal POCUS Scoring System via Virtual Education: A Proof-of-Concept Study

Ysabella Esteban; Jackeline Rodriguez-Smith; Marie Tominna; Amy Cassedy; Arthur B. Meyers; Michael Henrickson; Tracy V. Ting; Patricia Vega-Fernandez – Point of care pediatric musculoskeletal POCUS scanning and scoring protocols for childhood arthritis have emerged in recent years. However, pediatric musculoskeletal POCUS curricula in rheumatology fellowship programs are limited due to availability of trained faculty and resources. This proof-of-concept study investigated the effectiveness of educational methods for a pediatric musculoskeletal POCUS scoring protocol among fellows and physicians of differing subspecialties.

A Longitudinal Evaluation of a Multimodal POCUS Curriculum in Pediatric Residents

Reshma Sabnani, MD; Celia S. Willard, MD; Carolina Vega, MD; Zachary W. Binder MD – Pediatric residency programs often do not include a point of care ultrasound (POCUS) curriculum.  We analyzed a novel POCUS curriculum for pediatric residents that incorporated an online question bank (QB), in addition to a traditional teaching model of didactic instruction and hands-on learning experience.  

A Rare Cause of Neck Lump in an Infant

David J McCreary, MBBS MRCPCH PgC US; Salmah Lashhab, MBChB MRCPCH – A 5 month old girl presented to the Paediatric Emergency Department with a rapidly growing neck mass over 24 hours. She was systemically well and otherwise asymptomatic.

Point-of-Care Ultrasound for Physicians in Practice – A Training Model for Specialty Specific and Clinically Relevant Skill Development

Lianne J. McLean, MB BCh BAO, MHI; Resa E. Lewiss, MD – Point-of-care Ultrasound (POCUS) skills are required competencies for emergency medicine and paediatric emergency medicine training [1,2,3,4]. Over time, more specialties will require these skills of their graduates. Experienced physicians who completed their training before POCUS requirements may ask: How can I gain POCUS skills training and competency?