Dissemination of a Pediatric Musculoskeletal POCUS Scoring System via Virtual Education: A Proof-of-Concept Study

Ysabella Esteban; Jackeline Rodriguez-Smith; Marie Tominna; Amy Cassedy; Arthur B. Meyers; Michael Henrickson; Tracy V. Ting; Patricia Vega-Fernandez – Point of care pediatric musculoskeletal POCUS scanning and scoring protocols for childhood arthritis have emerged in recent years. However, pediatric musculoskeletal POCUS curricula in rheumatology fellowship programs are limited due to availability of trained faculty and resources. This proof-of-concept study investigated the effectiveness of educational methods for a pediatric musculoskeletal POCUS scoring protocol among fellows and physicians of differing subspecialties.

Critical Care Ultrasound Competency of Fellows and Faculty in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine: A Nationwide Survey

Mark H. Adelman; Himanshu Deshwal; Deepak Pradhan – Competency assessment standards for Critical Care Ultrasonography (CCUS) for Graduate Medical Education (GME) trainees in pulmonary/critical care medicine (PCCM) fellowship programs are lacking. We sought to answer the following research questions: How are PCCM fellows and teaching faculty assessed for CCUS competency? Which CCUS teaching methods are perceived as most effective by program directors (PDs) and fellows.