POCUS Journal Podcast Episode 06: “A Rare Cause of Neck Lump in an Infant”

In the 6th episode of the POCUS Journal podcast, Editor-In-Chief Dr. Benjamin Galen and Pediatrics Section Editors Dr. Ria Dancel and Dr. Beryl Greywoode are joined by Dr. David McCreary to discuss his case report entitled “A Rare Cause of Neck Lump in an Infant”, recently published in POCUS Journal Vol 07 Iss 02, released November 2022.

Full issue at the link: https://pocusjournal.com/issue/vol-07-iss-02-2022

Release date: December 23, 2022. Edited by Julia Herr.

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Articles discussed in this podcast:

A Rare Cause of Neck Lump in an Infant

Ultrasound Diagnosis of a Retained Migrated Foreign Body Following Penetrating Injury to The Upper Thigh in a Child: A Case Report Demonstrating an Underused Indication for Diagnostic Ultrasound

The Role of Point-of-Care Ultrasound in Pilonidal Sinus Disease

A Non-Resolving “Hematoma” Diagnosed as an Arteriovenous Malformation by POCUS

Sonographic Crepitus, a Point-of-Care Ultrasound Finding

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