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by Amer M. Johri, MD, Queen’s University, Department of Medicine


Download article PDF – POCUS Journal 2016; 1(1):2


Welcome to the first issue of the world’s first journal dedicated solely to point-of-care ultrasound. The Point-of-care Ultrasound Journal (POCUS J) is unique in its dedication to showcasing studies performed by any specialty- whether it’s the Emergency Department, Critical Care, Anesthesiology, Cardiology, Primary Care or Allied Health. We envision working with and highlighting existing resources whether they are studies published in traditional imaging journals, learning websites, blogs, or social media education tools. In this platform, we offer an opportunity for cases and studies to be peer evaluated by expert educators dedicated to understanding the advantages and limitations of POCUS. The POCUS J will be offered in digital format on a quarterly basis. We are interested in not only publishing cases that demonstrate the value of POCUS to the physical exam and the diagnostic process but also highlight the limitations. This technology has disrupted our traditional approach to patient assessment, but important questions remain: What is the best way to teach POCUS? How do we maintain quality? What are the indications? We hope to explore such questions in each issue of this journal and welcome you to join the adventure!


Dr. Johri is an Associate Professor at Queen’s University, Harvard trained imaging scientist, and holds a Heart and Stroke Foundation Clinical Scientist Career award. He has published on methods of teaching POCUS, and the limitations of this technology in the cardiology realm. He can be followed on twitter @amerjohri and has a blog at www.VascNet.com.








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